artist + writer + freelance



Hi, my name is Lisa.

I've been writing stories and drawing pictures for longer than I've been a runner, a vegetarian, a music listener, and a reader. And way longer than I've been owner of a stubborn rescue dog called William.

The art I make includes abstract painting, illustrated comic strips, and drawings using coloured pencil, ink and digital means. My themes are drawn from my own life and how I feel about the world around us, including body image issues, chronic illnesses, the rise of digital distractions, the effects of materialism on our behaviour and our planet, social policy, a love for trees, and the small dog who makes me laugh daily.

My writing includes poetry, short stories and longer fiction pieces, also grown from experience, with some magic realism and dark comedy combined.

Words and art are my means of making a living, as well as my loves. As a freelancer, I fulfil commissions for charities such as Gofal, companies such as Brew Monster and Jeffrey Ross, creatives agencies as Literature Wales - and other nice people who would like to work with me. I have recently worked as a Creative Practitioner for Arts Council Wales, delivering several months of art classes to Year 3 primary school pupils in Caerphilly.

Prior to being freelance, my work has mostly been in European funded community arts projects, helping people to learn new skills, to enjoy the therapeutic effects that art can provide, gain qualifications, build confidence, reduce loneliness and meet likeminded others.

If you'd like to get in touch my email is or for freelance writing -